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Saving the NHS Money – A Good or Bad thing?

In a recent conversation with a group of old-timer diabetic’s and as ever we all got to discussing the past. Having only one glass syringe, a small box of 4 2″ Continue Reading →

Rise of the Machines

So it’s the RotM (Rise of the Machines) day coming up this weekend and I’ve been looking forward to it. In typical fashion, there has been a little snag though!    The roads up Continue Reading →

Doing Things, The Wrong Way – The Bad diabetic!

I’ve been rather torn on this one for a long while. Do I write something about it, don’t I. I don’t know. Part of me just wants to bury everything Continue Reading →

Taking on the World

Recently (ok maybe not so recently) I’ve managed to tick off a few folks, which let’s face it is something I am pretty good at. I did get criticised for Continue Reading →

Why The #MakeItHappen DiabetesUK Campaign For #Flash Glucose Meters Is At The Cost To Diabetes Patients!

I’m about to frankly tick off many yet again, but as ever I am going to just ignore the usual sheep of the diabetes community and go off on one Continue Reading →