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A Crazy Idea

It was freezing inside the house on Saturday morning. But the weather looked so nice outside. Like, too good not to go outside. Considering how hard it’s been to get out in-between uni work, birthday celebrations and darker evenings of late, I ju…


I feel like my back and shoulders always hurt. There are a lot of reasons for this: my posture, the way I sleep, my workouts, sitting at a desk all day…but I’m also convinced it’s because I constantly carry around … Continue reading

Announcement: TDFC London est. 2019

Hello reader, Happy New Year! It’s crazy to think that it was only 9 months ago that I heard about the TDFC project. Via the community, I’ve met some really top people and represented the UK at DiaEuro 2018.  An amazing journey so far, but what does the year ahead look like? I’d already bought … More Announcement: TDFC London est. 2019