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After Midnight

“Mom?””Mom?”  My eyes must have opened slightly, or I mumbled something.”Something’s wrong with my pump.”And then I was awake.”It was beeping when it woke me up … booEEp, booEEp … but now it’s dead. Nothing happens when I push the buttons. An…

Psych Series: Just Relax (Chapter 2)

Considering Chris’ fabulous display in his futsal cup final recently, I’d like to write about playing football with the right amount of intensity. Nerves are a funny thing and if you let them control you it can be tough to get the best out of yourself on the pitch. Nerves get your body pumping and … More Psych Series: Just Relax (Chapter 2)

VIDEO: Stepping Back To Move Forward

Life can be a lot sometimes can’t it? This is a little day out and about as I adjust to being back in London, changing jobs and getting my feet back on the ground again after spending nearly a year and a half on a LOT of trains. Trying to keep al…