Welcome to T1 Bloggers Together. As the title says, this site is here to combine and make it easier to find updates and stories from the type one diabetic blogging community.

All sites submitted are ordered by most recent post, no posts or sites are All sites submitted are ordered by most recent post. No posts or sites are favored over any other and quite simply this site has no favorites! You might be some big “famous” blogger, you might be that quiet member of the community who occasionally posts, everyone is treated the same.

If you wish to add your blog to this site (or wish to have your blog removed which we hope you won’t) please CLICK HERE and fill in the form. At this time we can only accept WordPress based feeds and we have noticed some sites with custom feeds fail to import. We will let you know if we have issues with your submissions in this case.

We hope you will continue to add more blogs and help this page grow which we feel can become a simple way for us all to check up on the blogging community in one simple step. We also hope that in turn, it will also bring more visitors to your own blog. Thank you for your support.